2017 Can Still Be 
Your Best Year Ever
Time to step into everything 
God wants you to Have, Do & Be.  
All you need is the right tools & support to 
Grow in Faith & Leap into Your Destiny.  
Don't go it alone another year!
Get Ready for 
In the New Year
 It's 2017! Time to step into everything 
God wants you to Have, Do & Be.  

2017 can be YOUR YEAR. All you need is the right tools & support to Grow in Faith & Leap into Your Destiny. Don't go it alone another year!
Turn Your Resolutions Into Results.
Grow in Faith.  Lose Weight. Write a Book.
Let Your Voice Be Heard. Step Up in Ministry. 
Strengthen & Restore Relationships.
Whatever Your Goals for 2017
WEU is here to empower you to finish the year strong.
Get The Tools, Training & Support You Need to Succeed ...
Turn Your Resolutions Into Results
Grow in Faith
Lose Weight
Write Your Book
Let Your Voice Be Heard
Step Up In Ministry

Start Your Year Off Right 
  • My Proven 7-Step System to Turn Your Resolutions Into Results
  • Step by step help to go from Dreaming to Achieving.
  • 21-Day Class featuring 15 pre-recorded hour-long videos
  • Comprehensive Course Workbook (105-pages).
  • LIVE Weekly Sessions with me, featuring coaching and prophetic prayer.
  • Facebook Group with supportive friends from around the world and direct daily access to me as your mentor.
  • This is our highest-rated class !!!
  • Just $77

You'll Learn Exactly How To:
  • Hear from God accurately.
  • Discover the steps to remove hindrances to answered prayers.
  • Learn to pray boldly and with confidence.
  • Slam the door in the devil's face --and prevent him from wreaking further havoc on your family!
  • Cultivate God's power within and upon your life.
  • Begin to walk in a level of spiritual authority you may never even thought possible.
  • Understand the different types of prayer and what the role of each is.
  • Just $47
lose weight
 From the Inside-Out

Discover God's Solution
  • We begin with the spirit...then the soul...and the body has no choice but to get on board!
  • Total Transformation of your health in just 3 months.Average weight loss of 20-25 pounds with our simple eating and exercise plan.
  • Program includes 13 LIVE sessions with me, 13 pre-recorded teaching audios, 90 instructional videos, menus, meal plans and more!
  • For about $2 per day!
Become an Author-ity
Get Your Book in Print & on Kindle in 
Just 30 Days:
  • It doesn't take years or even months to write a book.  I'll show you how to write QUICKLY.
  • Discover exactly how I write my books in a matter of days -- and how you can do it, too.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to structure your book.
  • Step-by-step instructions on Createspace (print on demand) and Kindle.
  • The inside secret to becoming a BESTSELLER on Amazon (it's actually easy to do!)
  • How to market your book.
  • Why your book is just the beginning - and what to do once it's written.
  • 4 hour-long training videos
  • Just $47

  • Make an Impact & an Income On the Internet
  • This full-year (52-week) training program shows you exactly how!
  • From branding to webinars, this program shows you exactly how to get heard in a noisy world
  • Features 26 pre-recorded hour-long audios
  • Comprehensive Course Workbook (200+ pages).
  • Featuring nearly $20,000 worth of course material covering very aspect of launching an internet ministry
  • Just $197

You Can Make A Difference!
  • God's not looking for perfection; He's inviting you into a process.  Find out what it is...and how you can move forward.
  • 10 hour-long videos walk you through the 5 Steps to Becoming a Vessel God Can Use.
  • Gain a clearer picture of what's possible when you yield your life to God.
  • Learn from my most powerful spiritual experiences -- and my most painful mistakes. 
  • Gain courage to throw off every limitation and truly step up to your destiny in a big way. 
  • Based on my #1 international best-seller - a book that has launched thousands  of people into their ministry.   Now it's Your Turn!
  • Just $47
  • (paperback book sold separately on Amazon and other online retailers)
Heal Your Heart.  
Overcome Betrayal.  
Even Restore a Broken Relationship

If you are serious about living a life of blessing, then you NEED this resource:
  • Discover the pathway to unleashing the love, favor and power of God upon your life -- and especially upon your ministry.
  • Based on the life of Abigail, this 21-Day program leads you step-by-step through the process that releases the full power of The Special Blessings Prayer. 
  • Includes an ebook version of the book, 4 training audios, Facebook support community plus a LIVE online session with me.
  • You'll be invited to a special "Supernatural Heart Surgery" session with me, as part of your course registration.
  • Take your life and ministry to the next level.   The most powerful and important book I've ever written!
  • Just $47
There IS a Secret....

You'll Learn:
  • Right now, this secret is almost certainly working against you...and you don't even realize it!
  • I'll show you exactly how to turn the tide -- and make this secret work in your favor.
  • Based on The Greatest Management Principle in the World.
  • Two 1-hour training videos featuring some of the most powerful insights from my 21-day class, Make This Your Best Year Ever.
  • Once you know the secret, you'll be amazed that you never saw it before.  And you will have so much fun with it !!!
  • This is a ridiculous deal.  You'd have to be crazy to pass it by. For real!
  • Just $7
Break the Invisible Chains that have been holding you back

Curses are Real...and they may be affecting YOU.
  • Do you ever feel like there's an invisible force sabotaging your best efforts to have, do and be all God intends? 
  •  Do you see patterns repeating?  It's very likely to be a curse! You can break it!
  • This training module reveals 10 Signs You May Be Affected by a Curse
  • 7 Types of Curses and Where They Come From
  • Exactly what you need to do to break curses off of your life. 
  • Guided experience (video and audio) walking you through the Curse Breaking Prayer
  • Includes Video, Audio & and pdf of the actual Curse Breaking Prayer.
  • Just $7
"I have been able to focus on the priority that I chose to be number #1 when the Make This Your Best Year Ever class began. Thank you Donna Partow for the workbook, the replays, the encouragement and most of all for the prayers! Your strategy really works!! "
— Author Karen Blankenship
"Taking Unleash the Power of God was truly the launching pad for a spectacular season of ministry reaching millions of children for Christ in Malawi. This is an anointed class!" 
– Pastor Laurette Hoagland

“Becoming a Vessel God Can Use has been transformational in my life journey. My maturity as a Christian catapulted and it brought me closer to the woman God's created me to be. This is a must for anyone looking to feel a greater sense of purpose and impact.” 
–Dr. Kristin Jacobsen
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