Do you need to relax and recharge, and also have a great sense of adventure? 

Join me for eight days and seven nights in one of the most beautiful corners of the world, Bali, Indonesia! All experience levels welcome, ages 18-80.

Picture a vacation where you actually come away feeling better than when you left. Eating amazing, healthy, nutritious food, moving your body at least two times a day, and enjoying some of the most beautiful scenery that Earth has to offer!
Join me for my upcoming Pilates retreat in Bali. Through adventure, restoration, relaxation and deep nervous system support, get ready to reset and refresh in both mind and body. Scroll down for testimonials, pricing and contact info!
***Final days to book!***

  • Picture this:
  • Frolicking through the stunning green rolling hills and rice patties of Bali. 
  • ​Swinging on a high swing overlooking the jungle landscape.  
  • ​Enjoying the marvel of some of Bali’s historical sites and architecture. 

All of it coordinated and prepared for you to simply come along and enjoy!
  • ​Spending time alongside its famous coastline and beaches.
  • ​Preparing for bed by stretching with the beautiful sounds of nature in the background.. 
  • ​Doing Pilates in the morning and stretching every night, eating nutritious food, and feeling your absolute best. 
JOIN ME IN BALI, September 13-20
Join me for my second annual Pilates retreat. We'll be staying in a beautiful, private beachfront villa in Bali.

This will be a trip like no other. We will combine restoration of the body and spirit as well as satisfy our need for adventure and exploration. You come away totally rejuvenated in every sense of the word!
This will be a small, intimate event...
Slots will fill up fast and are limited. Get ready to travel pretty much as far away as you possibly can while still being on planet earth! 
Our private chef will accommodate for all dietary restrictions as well (i.e. vegan, vegetarian, gluten allergy etc.)


Day by Day

Each day in Bali will be different. Some days will be centered around relaxation and restoration in the tranquil privacy of the Villa. Some days will be more adventurous, exploring Bali and creating once-in-a-lifetime memories. 
I am pleased to announce that some of our adventures will be based on YOU! My goal is to help bring your dreams to life. As registrations continue to fill, our itinerary will continue coming to life. 

Day 1: Arrive in Bali

  • Arrive in Bali and check into our Villa.
  • Take some time to relax and settle in. Take a stroll along the beach, enjoy the remarkable views.
  • Lunch will be available to those arriving early in the day.
  • ​Free time to unpack, unwind and explore.
  • ​Enjoy a welcome dinner with a view on our outdoor terrace!
  • ​End the evening with a soothing stretch flow.

Day 2: Scenic Views

  • As we adjust from the travel, we will enjoy a gentle morning Pilates flow.
  • ​Take this day to explore our Villa and property, the ocean at our doorstep, and enjoy all the amenities available to us.
  • ​Massages therapies will be offered at the Villa to help the body adjust from travel 
  • Restore with an evening stretch flow to the sounds of nature

Day 3: Rice Paddy Exploration

  • Begin the day with a morning Pilates session at our villa.
  • ​Have breakfast then we're off to discover!
  • We will get to explore some of Bali’s famous rice paddies, enjoying beautiful walks and taking in the scenery 
  • ​Recover from the busy day with an evening stretch flow and mindfulness time.

Day 4: Day Trip

  • ​Start the day with a Pilates session at our villa.
  • ​Enjoy breakfast overlooking nature.
  • ​After breakfast, participate in our Breathwork and Nervous System Workshop
  • We will use this day to explore a totally different part of the island and visit various cultural landmarks, as well as an animal sanctuary.
  • ​After an early chef-prepared dinner, we will enjoy our calming stretch flow and finish evening under the stars.

Day 5: Waterfall and Restoration

  • Begin the day with a morning Pilates session at our villa.
  • ​After breakfast, get ready for a day of adventure.
  • We will enjoy a gorgeous waterfall and some hiking, and enjoy a photoshoot at the famous Bali swing!  
  • ​The rest of the day we will enjoy various spa services and wellness treatments in the comfort of our private Villa.
  • ​Evening restorative stretch class as we watch the sun set.

Day 6: Historical/Cultural Landmark

  • Start the day with Pilates.
  • ​Enjoy a leisurely breakfast.
  • ​On this day we will visit a selected historical and  cultural landmark, seep ourselves deeper into the beauty of Bali, and enjoy the richness of the culture!  
  • ​Chef-prepared lunch and dinner for those who choose to stay at the villa.
  • ​Conclude another magical day with a gentle stretch flow at sunset.

Day 7: Pilates, Water Sports & Farewell Celebration

  • Begin the day with a gentle Pilates class.
  • Enjoying the beautiful waters of Bali will be a huge priority on this trip. We will have various options such as a dolphin swim, snorkel or dive, water sports, etc. 
  • ​Any last bucket-list items will be schedule on this day. 
  • ​In the evening, gather for a farewell celebration and dinner, sharing memories of the retreat
  • ​Find a serene spot on the property to meditate, and witness one last breathtaking sunset.

Day 8: Departure

  • Enjoy a final Pilates class in the morning. Take one last walk in the beautiful wild or one last dip in the sea.
  • ​Have breakfast and bid farewell to the instructors and fellow participants.  
  • ​Check out of your accommodations and depart from Bali with a renewed sense of well-being.

What People are Saying

"The best 7 days of my life." - Becca

"Every amenity you could think of!" - Kent

"I've been on a lot of group trips, and this was by far the best." - Chris

"Put your beer down!" - Patrick

"It was healing for my soul." - Jen

Welcome to Your Private Villa

Relax Away From the Maddening Crowds & Bustling Tourists

Come to a luxurious private villa!

This gorgeous property will be ours exclusively for our Pilates retreat.  Only steps to the breathtaking blue waters of Bali, everything will be at your fingertips at our stunning villa in Uluwatu, famous for its picturesque beaches and cliffs.

With access to the sandy beach within walking distance, with private loungers and far away views, this home is unique and carefully designed, offering a spectacular island sanctuary. 

Fall in love with the blend of dynamic spaces that invite you to relax, play and simply 'be.' 

Enjoy shaded terraces and generous spaces at this luxurious holiday home — a haven of peace to eclipse all others.

Let your mind wander to the soothing sounds of gentle waves and gaze at the sun's last spectacle, as it sinks behind the horizon in a blaze of fiery red.
Imagine a haven where the indulgent comforts of a luxurious brand-new grand home meet the energy and vistas of your favorite place on Earth. Where captivating resort entertainment unfolds in your backyard; where everything you could ever need is just in front you. Welcome to a world of exclusive indulgences and authentic adventures, to your own Luxury Villa & Spa.

Inspired by its spectacular island environment's native architecture, beautiful landscapes and precious natural materials.
Be welcomed by untamed beauty, where a new day dawns and fleeting minutes of tranquility feel timeless. Here, a wonderland of gorgeous beaches stretch along the coast, beautifully unassuming. 

Fresh interiors designed with modern style and care have been sprinkled with lashings of glamour, charmingly inviting you to enjoy a dream relaxing stay.

Amenities Include:

  • Private Chef
  • ​Sunset deck 
  • ​Full butler service
  • ​Outdoor Ice Bath
  • ​Ocean views
  • ​Beach access 
  • ​Outdoor swimming pool
  • ​Outdoor rooftop space and fire circle
  • ​Jungle-esque lounging areas
  • ​And so much more!!!

Who is Layah?

About 5 years ago, I was in a car accident that changed my life.

Fast forward years of procedures and surgeries. Tens units and heat packs. Tearful prayers and endless fears spoken over me by baffled doctors telling me what the rest of my life was likely going to look like.

So many rules to follow. Don’t lift. Don’t stretch. Don’t turn. Don’t run. Don’t gain weight. Don’t sit too long don’t drive too far and heaven’s sake definitely don’t wear high heels.

After the “biggest” surgery I was given a choice: fuse my spine and hope for the best, or turn my back on the whole messy process and try to find another way through. I chose Option B. 

This trip will be taking place shortly after my 2 year anniversary of this surgery!
Enter Pilates.
I’ll always tell my story. The story of a person who thought the rest of her life would be haunted by the invisible second person - my Back; so wronged it became an entity unto itself. One to be considered when making plans. One to consult before committing to anything. One to fear sudden attacks of pain from.

But to my own occasional shock even still, through Pilates and the freedom I found for my own body, I found a call in my life to help people heal. My body continues healing every day, even as I teach others to do the same! Every day I learn more, and I’m so grateful to be able to immediately turn around and share everything I learn with my students. Maybe you’re here because you ARE my student. Maybe you’re a friend or partner or client of my students. Either way: welcome. I mean it when I say that this practice changed my life and I have not even one singular doubt that it can change yours if you let it.

Whether you’re super experienced or a total newbie, my goal is that this trip is more than just another “vacation with a twist.” But that you actually learn so much, about Pilates and about your bodies. That your practice is taken to a whole new level. That you make new discoveries and build upon previous ones. Truly my wish for you is that you leave this retreat completely renewed, believing in yourself and your amazing body in every possible way. 

What is Pilates? 

Pilates . . .
Pilates offers a multitude of benefits for both physical and mental well-being, including: 
  • Core strength and stability: Pilates focuses on strengthening the core muscles, including the abdominals, back, and pelvic floor. This improves overall stability, posture, and balance.
  • Improved flexibility: Pilates incorporates stretching exercises that promote flexibility and joint mobility. Regular practice can enhance your range of motion, alleviate muscle tightness, and improve overall flexibility.
  • ​Increased muscular strength and endurance: Pilates exercises target all major muscle groups, helping to develop strength and muscular endurance throughout the body. This can contribute to better functional movements and overall physical strength.
  • Enhanced body awareness and alignment: Pilates emphasizes precise movements and body awareness, promoting proper alignment and postural control. This can lead to improved body mechanics, reduced risk of injuries, and better overall movement patterns.
  • ​Injury prevention and rehabilitation: Pilates is often used as a form of rehabilitation and injury prevention. Its low-impact nature and focus on controlled movements make it suitable for individuals recovering from injuries or with physical limitations.
  • ​Mind-body connection and mindfulness: Pilates encourages concentration, focus, and mindful movement. By connecting the mind and body, Pilates can reduce stress, promote relaxation, and improve mental clarity.
  • ​Improved breathing and lung capacity: Pilates emphasizes proper breathing techniques, encouraging deep diaphragmatic breathing. This can enhance lung capacity, oxygenation, and overall respiratory function
All classes in Bali will be designed to challenge and accommodate all experience levels.
  • Posture and spinal alignment: Pilates exercises promote spinal alignment and core strength, which can help improve posture and alleviate back pain caused by poor alignment or weak muscles.
  • Stress reduction and relaxation: The mindful and controlled nature of Pilates can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. Engaging in Pilates can provide a mental break from daily stressors and promote a sense of calm and well-being.
  • Improved balance and coordination: Pilates exercises often involve coordinated movements that challenge balance and coordination. Regular practice can enhance proprioception, spatial awareness, and overall balance skills.
  • Increased energy and vitality: Engaging in regular Pilates sessions can boost energy levels and overall vitality. The combination of physical movement, focused breathing, and mental engagement can leave you feeling invigorated and rejuvenated.
  • Body sculpting and toning: Pilates can help sculpt and tone the body, particularly the core, arms, legs, and glutes. The exercises target specific muscle groups, leading to improved muscle definition and overall body toning.
In summary. . .
Pilates provides a comprehensive approach to physical fitness and well-being, offering benefits such as core strength, flexibility, improved body awareness, injury prevention, and stress reduction. Its emphasis on the mind-body connection makes it a popular choice for individuals seeking a holistic approach to exercise and overall health.

Find Your Movement Freedom
Wherever you are in your movement journey, we will elevate your practice in a safe and enjoyable way!

When you go home  . . . 

My goal for you . . .
Whether you are already a current student of mine, or you’ve learned about it from someone who is, my goal is to come alongside your wellness journey. My goal is whether you have years or experience in Pilates or completely your brand new, that this time in Bali will elevate your practice and help you connect to your body in greater ways. I’m a huge believer in taking the time to slow down, step away, put the phone down, and enjoy the life in front of you. 

For some of us, getting out of our normal routine and out of our usual environments is the perfect way to begin that process. Fueling our body with healthy and fresh food and getting lots of sunshine will help kickstart a lifestyle and an awareness that I plan to equip you to take home with you when you go!

I invite you to embark on a transformative adventure with me. This retreat will be an opportunity to step away from the pressures of daily life, connect with nature, and delve deeper into our passions and aspirations. It will be a time of self-discovery, personal growth, and rejuvenation. So, let us seize this chance to escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. 

Come join me on this unforgettable retreat, where we will create bonds that go beyond the classroom and embark on a journey of a lifetime. Together, let us embrace adventure, expand our horizons, and create memories that will forever shape who we are. I cannot wait to share this experience with each and every one of you.

With excitement and anticipation,
PRICING - Deadline extended to 7/21!
  • ​Payment Plan for shared room ($1,000 deposit plus 2 payments of $1275 each)
  • ​Payment Plan for private room ($1,000 deposit plus 2 payments of $1,800 each)
  • Beautiful luxury accommodations​.
  • ​All activities as described above.
  • ​Transport within the island as needed for scheduled activities. 
  • ​Delicious, healthy and diet-inclusive meals served at the villa.
  • ​Custom excursions arranged as desired
  • ​A guided breath work and nervous system workshop.
  • ​2x daily movement (1x on arrival and departure days). 
    * Mat Pilates in the morning
    * Refreshing and mindful stretch flow and breath work at night
  • Airfare
  • Adventures you choose to do on your own
  • Alcoholic beverages

Need help? Email me!

About Your Host 
Layah Partow
Layah began her Pilates career through injury rehabilitation. After a major car accident she underwent multiple procedures over a period of 4 years, including a major spinal surgery during lockdowns. Pilates was the first thing she found that truly gave her relief, and helped her reclaim her life! She now has a passion for sharing the gift of Pilates with other people. Whether you are in your retirement years and working on functional mobility, or you’re an athlete looking for a high intensity but safe training regimen, her heart is to come alongside you and help you reach your goals. 

Because with a strong and healthy body,
there’s nothing you cannot do!