You Can FINALLY Overcome  
The Insecurities, Bad Habits 
& Self-Defeating Patterns 
That Have Been Holding You Back!!!
Let Us Help You Get Unstuck!
Do you have at least one area in your life where you feel stuck?

You've tried everything you can think of to change, to move forward with your life. You've said so many prayers, you feel like you've worn the heavens out. You've tried sheer determination and will power. 

You've been to counseling. You go to church and read the bible...
but nothing works. At least, not for long.

Maybe it's a bad habit you just can't seem to break.

Or a relationship pattern that keeps repeating.

Or you are constantly bombarded with negative thoughts...
maybe even self-hatred.
  • What true healing & deliverance looks like and how to experience it.
  • The secret to answered prayer.
  • Why and how to fast for spiritual breakthrough.
  • Uncover exactly what’s blocking you from moving forward.
  • Discover wrong beliefs you may be clinging to that cause self-destructive behaviors.
  • How negative patterns develop...and how to disrupt and destroy them.
  • Dare to Dream again
  • Learn to walk in Total Freedom in Christ. Yes! It IS possible for you!
How FASTING feeds your spirit, strengthens your soul and energizes your body
The power of ENUMERATING specific sins and shortcomings, rather than living under a general cloud of discontent.
The importance of maintaining the right ATTITUDE: why gratitude and humility bring joy… and how pride can hide in things like worry and insecurity.
Discover what it feels like to SHARE the journey with like-minded women and how life-changing it is when we open ourselves up to the Holy Spirit’s ability to speak to us through others.
Gain a new appreciation for the power of TIME in God’s presence; experience, maybe for the first time, how much effort and energy you can save by learning to listen to the One who knows all things.

1 LIVE Chapel Service (including Prophetic Prayer) with Donna

Comprehensive eBook Containing All Course Material

21 Hours of Pre-Recorded Teaching Audios Featuring  Donna Partow & Deanna Allen

Exclusive Access To  A Private Facebook Group  

Supportive Community Of Believers Who Are Also On A Journey To Spiritual Breakthrough

Convenient Access To All Course Material on our Membership Site 

Beyond Breakthrough is not about learning; it’s about changing!
This course on spiritual breakthrough isn’t about head knowledge. It's about empowerment. And as you are about to discover, God moves in a powerful way through this incredible spiritual adventure.

His anointing and presence are tangible upon the teaching, the daily devotionals and the prayers offered over the participants.
Each Day's Teaching Features
  • Powerful bible teaching from Donna Partow
  • A Focus Word and Devotional from Deanna Allen
  • Scripture to ponder
We know, based on testimonies from around the world, that this class will, absolutely, positively, change your life. But only if you take the first step. Will you? 

You've tried everything. And now you've come to Beyond Breakthrough. Could this be God's answer to your prayers? 
You'll never know unless you take the leap of faith. And you have nothing to lose (except the self-defeating patterns that have been holding you back for decades) and there's no risk. Because if you join and can honestly say we don't deliver everything we promise (and so much more), then get your money back.

Isn't it time for you to finally get the support you need to get free, once and for all?
Enrollment is Open.  You can join anytime.
You will be notified of the dates for the LIVE session
what people are saying about 
beyond Breakthrough
Diane A
This course has awakened so much knowledge, and showed me the hidden barriers, the deeper sources of spiritual warfare and helped my walk tremendously so that I may serve Him better. It’s given me tools to aid in the spiritual warfare over my marriage.
                                                                                                        Tracy  B
I find myself meditating on things I learned from the teachings throughout  the day. I will be going back and listening to them again and again.
Virginia H
I’m going back through all the teachings. I have been given such powerful  tools. God has given me insight about how to pull down strongholds. He has given me such a hunger to be in His presence. My joy has been restored. I can laugh again!
Meet Your Teachers
Donna Partow
Founder of Women’s Empowerment University
Donna has authored 30 books with sales in excess of 1.2 million. She’s delivered thousands of keynote messages on 6 continents; equally effective empowering pastors gathered in a mud hut in Africa or an international leadership conference in Latin America.
Donna has a unique ability to empower her listeners to make significant life decisions, implement life change and most of all, experience spiritual breakthrough. Perhaps her greatest gift is her ability to accurately hear and boldly proclaim God's highest and best will for your life.
Deanna Allen
Senior Faculty and Prophetic Voice
Deanna is a passionate encourager whose background of life lessons and recovery experience give her a unique perspective and remarkable voice to speak into the hearts of women desiring to get to their next level.
She speaks at conferences and retreats around the country. She is committed to partnering with the Holy Spirit and all who are willing to take this journey to experience spiritual breakthrough.
You can't go wrong with this incredible Guarantee!
We're so absolutely sure that Beyond Breakthrough is filled with the presence and power of God, that we know without a doubt it can change your life. If you will let it! That's why we're offering a money back guarantee.

If you fully participate in Beyond Breakthrough and it doesn't transform your life in a significant way, then we haven't kept our promise. Let us know about it and we'll refund you right away!

Yes, we're that sure.

You have nothing to lose! Except the insecurities, bad habits and self-defeating behaviors that have held you back from your destiny long enough!

Come experience Total Freedom in Christ with us.

Donna & Deanna
"Frequently Asked Questions"
What if I don't use Facebook?
You don't have to...but we think you'll want to. We have so many women who were literally afraid of Facebook, but now they love it. One 68 year old woman from South Dakota--who resisted participating in Facebook during her first 2 semesters at Women's Empowerment University-- drove across the country just to meet the other ladies at a LIVE event.  
What if I'll be on vacation during part of the class?
Don't worry!  You can still join us for the LIVE session as long as you have access to a computer, laptop, smartphone or other electronic device (we even have dial in phone numbers from all over the world). 
If this is a Christian program, why isn't it FREE?
Jesus said, "Where your TREASURE is, there your heart will also be." We've found through more than a decade of experience with women all over the world, that when they make an investment of "treasure," they take the process more seriously and, as a result, their lives are transformed. If you give it all you've got and are not completely satisfied, remember the 100% lifetime money back guarantee.
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