say goodbye to yo-yo dieting
Have you ever lost weight only to gain it back again? 

There’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you step on the scale and see your hard-fought victories turning back to defeat. 

You’re tempted to either starve, binge or just break down and cry.
Here’s the Problem
It’s called Yo-Yo Dieting and if you’re anything like me, you’ve taken far too many trips around that particular mountain. 

We made the fatal mistake of dieting instead of living.  (Have you ever noticed that the first three letters in diet are die?)  We throw out all the "bad" food in our house.  Get on a "program" and -- yippee -- manage to lose some weight.  Next thing you know, when we are sick of feeling like we're dying a little every day, we ditch the diet. And watch the scale creep back up.  
Now Here’s the Good News
The solution is just as clear as the problem. There’s no need to struggle alone or suffer in silence. No need to hang your head in shame, even if you've been a yo-yo dieter your entire life.  And you're tempted to think, "How can I even try again?"  I’ve got a newsflash for you: You are LOVED and you BELONG with us. That’s why I’m reaching out to you today to throw out the lifeline.
The Secret of Success is Clear
All you need to succeed is a proven roadmap plus a strategy that keeps you on that path through loving support and accountable relationships. Major university studies — including one conducted at Harvard — have revealed the secret to success in any area. Namely, putting your life on autopilot. 
 Make a 1-time decision and stick with it, rather than re-deciding things over and over again.  
How would you like to rest securely knowing you have:
  • A place you belong
  • A family of online sisters who love you
  • A support system including powerful prayer warriors
  • A proven strategy for maximum health in spirit, soul & body
How would you like to gain confidence to:
  • Step out of the shadows
  • Step off the sidelines
  • Step up in a bigger way 
  • Step toward the epicenter of God’s will for your life
  • Step into the Starring Role in the movie called Your Amazing Life
How would you like to have fun:
  • Being part of an amazingly supportive community
  • Competing for prizes
  • Joining your sisters on great in-person adventures 
  • Getting up off the couch and back into life
How would you like to just flat out 
Look Better, Feel Better & Enjoy Your Life More?
Let Me Guess What You’re Thinking
By any chance, are you thinking, “Sure, Donna. That’s what they all say! Every diet I’ve ever wasted money on promised to solve all my problems with some magic lotion, potion or pill. Isn’t The 90-Day Renewal the same?"

Actually, The 90-Day Renewal is exactly the opposite of that!   

I’m not promising you a quick fix. I’m inviting you into a family. I’m inviting you into a deeper relationship with God, your sisters and yours truly. I’m talking about a relationship where we lock arms and dedicate ourselves to walking this out together. 

This is goodbye forever to yo-yo dieting and the quick-fix mindset.  
Here's My Story
I’ve been very open about this. So you may already know.  But here goes: I’ve gained and lost around 1,000 pounds. I’m not just some “expert” who took a class and became certified to tell you to “snap out of it” and eat tofu. 

I’ve fought this fight for decades, even battling an eating disorder and taking anti-depressants. Oh and did I mention a formal diagnoses of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome? 
I know the traps — but I also know the way of escape.

God gave me the wisdom and revelation that became the 90-Day Renewal to rescue me when I was drowning. For the past 16 years, I’ve devoted my life to comforting others with the comfort I myself have received from Him. But not only comforting — empowering! Yes, releasing the power of the Holy Spirit — combined with powerful principles from God’s Word — so you can lose weight from the inside-out. 
Through my book, Becoming the Woman I Want to Be, and the online program, The 90-Day Renewal, I’ve helped nearly 100,000 women dramatically improve their health in spirit, soul and body.

I'm on a mission to set you free from diets. As you and I both know, diets are doomed. Diets are a total lie from the pit of hell. They are not the answer. The answer is a new way of living.  

That's what I want you to experience, maybe for the very first time.  It's a journey that lasts a lifetime, led by the Holy Spirit!

I Hate To Tell You This... 
but Your Life is Going to Get Worse
Your life is not going to stay the same. It’s either going to get worse…or it’s going to get better. Your weight issues, your health problems — every area of your world is constantly getting either better or worse.

It’s the nature of life on earth. We are, every moment, either moving forward or losing ground. There’s no such thing as standing still. Okay, it happened once with the moon (Joshua 10:12-13), but that was a big-time miracle. You are NOT going to maintain and we both know it. Human beings can only tread water for so long! Grab the lifeline!

The question before you is pretty simple:  

Do you want to move steadily forward with God…or fall behind on your hopes and plans? The simple truth is this: 90 days from now, you’ll either be far closer to becoming the woman you want to be…or all your dreams will have slipped further away from you. 

I think you know which one God wants for you. I can tell you, for sure, which one I want for you. So the only question remaining is: Which one do you want for yourself?
Say Yes to The Very Best You
What would you feel if you had: 
  •   Greater Confidence
  •   Confirmation of Your Calling
  •   A Place to Bloom & Grow
  •   Godly Friendships
  •   Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire
  •   Daily Inspiration
  •   Up-to-the-minute Health Tips
  •   New ministry opportunities opening up
  •   Your Whole Life Revolutionized
Can’t You Just See Her Now?
I’m talking about the woman you want to be! Close your eyes for a minute. Picture the ultimate you living the life of your dreams! What does it look like when you’re walking with your head held high? What does it feel like when you’re living life without limits!
Why not say YES to that version of you!!! The very best you!!!
Welcome to
The 90-Day Renewal
Here’s What You Get
  • 13 LIVE sessions with me (including a Webinar each time)
  • 90 teaching videos with practical tips on spirit, soul and body
  • 13 audios on topics like Overcoming Self-Sabotage, The Power of Fasting, the Connection between Clutter & Weight Gain, How Your Health Affects Your Relationships, etc.
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Lots of Contests & Prizes
  • BONUS: A copy of Becoming the Woman I Want To Be: A 90-Day Journey to Renewing Spirit, Soul & Body (paperback in the USA & Canada; ebook overseas)
A message from my heart to yours!  Watch...then decide!
Frequently Asked Questions
What if I don't use Facebook?
You don't have to...but we think you'll want to. We have so many women who were literally afraid of Facebook, but now they love it. One 68 year old woman from South Dakota--who resisted participating in Facebook during her first 2 semesters at Women's Empowerment University-- drove all the way to Ohio just to meet the other ladies at our last LIVE event.  
What if I'll be on Vacation during part of the class?
Don't worry! You can still join us for the Weekly LIVE Call (we have dial in numbers from all over the world). And if you have a laptop or smartphone, you can still access all of the course material. And of course, all of the videos, audios, etc, are yours for life.  
What if I only need to lose 10 pounds? Or no weight at all. Is this right for me?
Absolutely. Many women join the 90-Day Renewal to get healthy in spirit, soul and body, quite apart from weight loss. Healthy is more than a number on the scale, as you'll soon discover.
What if I have a LOT of weight to lose...and there's no way I can lose it in 90 days?
You are not alone. We have many women who have gone through the 90-Day Renewal three, four, five times and more. There are women around the world who go through it every year.

This is not a Diet. It's a LIVE-it. We will LIVE-it with you until you reach your goal. And then, you can be an inspiration to spur others on to reach their goals. That's what it's all about.
If this is a Christian program, why isn't it FREE?
Jesus said, "Where your TREASURE is, there your heart will also be."

I've found through more than a decade of experience with women all over the world, that when they make an investment of "treasure," they take the 90-Day Renewal more seriously and, as a result, their lives are transformed.

If you compare our pricing to other programs, you'll discover that there really IS no comparison! The 90-Day Renewal offers permanent lifestyle change and weight loss from the inside-out...all fueled by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

If you give it all you've got and are not completely satisfied, remember the 100% lifetime money back guarantee.
Do I really have access to all of this material for LIFE?
Absolutely! All of the videos, audios, recorded prayer calls, etc, are stored on a private members only website. And you have full access to everything for life. So you can take this class, over and over again, at your own pace, as many times as you like.
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